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Green T HydraGreen Tea Hydra now contains the powerful antioxidant Resveratrol along with EGCG. Green Tea Hydra has produced an extremely bio-available and elite line of products. Green Tea Hydra products are both designed for optimal performance and designed to work. There is no other line of products on the market that can rival our quality.

Increase energy, strengthen immune system and boost metabolism!

The POWER of Green Tea Made Easy

doterra essential oilsGreen Tea Hydra harnesses the elite power of green tea and makes it easy to absorb the power of green tea without having to drink multiple cups of tea. We make it easy and instant, just add to water. If you are a consumer looking for quality, you have found it. We are taking a stand against the diluted, degraded and deceptive health care industry and bringing real quality for affordable prices.   We are a company that for many years has had a deep focus on bringing overall health to the public, not just big profits. Our goal is consumer based, it is to provide products that perform and perform well. Please feel free to contact us for any reason. We are here to help you achieve your goals. From weight loss to feeling the way you are supposed to feel we believe our products can help.

Vi-Mi Hydra - Skin Hydra - Green Tea Hydra

Vi-Mi Hydra

Vi-Mi a Multivitamin... You drink! Your body can benefit from this multivitamin supplement in an array of ways. By adding Vi-Mi Hydra to water you have a multivitamin you can absorb and enjoy.

Skin Hydra

Collagen, Resveratrol, Aloe and more... All in one extremely high quality Instant drink mix. Flavored with real pomegranate and other natural flavors. Plus over 150 cups worth of Resveratrol from red wine!

Green Tea Hydra

Increase energy, strengthen immune system and boost metabolism. 265 mg of EGCG and 700+ Total Polyphenols that's 20x's a cup of tea and equal to around 5 lbs of apples!

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